Technology Development Grant Opportunity from the UC Center for Accelerated Innovation
PCORI award project summary
Community engagement and research
High-impact gut-fungi research receives UCLA CTSI Publication Award
UCLA CTSI Town Hall at Cedars-Sinai
Tadalafil Alleviates Muscle Ischemia in Patients with Becker Muscular Dystrophy
UC BRAID: UC Health Campuses Meet to Review Progress of Biomedical Research Collaboration
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Sarah Dry, MD, among recipients of $2 million NIH grant
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NIH Change to the Resubmission Policy

NYT Cites E-Cigarette Study

Denise Aberle Receives Clinical Research Acheivement Award

MRI May Offer Lower-Risk Way to Measure Pancreatic Volume

New Cell-Harvesting Method May One Day Benefit People with Corneal Blindness