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Community Engagement


Community Engagement and Health Services Consultation

Community-based research

  • Access to resources for community-partnered research
  • Assistance with recruitment and data collection
  • Community outreach assistance from multilingual staff members
  • Finding partnership opportunities with healthcare providers or other researchers
  • Identify funding for community-partnered research projects
  • Networking opportunities for community and academic investigators
  • Support for analysis of community-partner data
  • Trainings, symposia and workshops to deepen and promote academic-community collaborations
For more information, please contact cerp@mednet.ucla.edu.

Dissemination, Improvement and Implementation Science

  • Disseminating research results
  • Implementation research
  • Improvement science research
  • Collaborations with health care systems and organizations
For more information, please contact cerp@mednet.ucla.edu.

Grant preparation for community-engaged research

  • Incorporating community-engaged research, health services research and patient-centered research perspectives into grant proposals
  • Advice on study design and implementation
For more information, please contact cerp@mednet.ucla.edu.

Health Services Research (HSR)

  • Instruments and methods to measure health status, access and barriers to care, quality of care
  • Methods in analysis of use, cost and cost-effectiveness
  • Methods for survey research
  • Analyses of data stratified by geography, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status
  • Analyses of large data sets
  • Data on subpopulations in Los Angeles County
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • Grant preparation
For more information, please contact cerp@mednet.ucla.edu.