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Therapeutic Antibody Laboratory

Courtesy of Bowers Laboratory 


We utilize flow cytometry to isolate antigen-specific B cells from immunized mice, or from human patients with self-reactive antibody repertories. Antibody V gene heavy and light chain sequences are obtained from single B cell RT-PCR, with subsequent automated cloning, expression and initial functional analysis in collaboration with the Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR), allowing us to characterize thousands of individual B cell clones in parallel with NGS analysis of the background splenocyte repertoire.

The functional activity and biophysical characteristics of this panel allows us to predict future development success, with a handful of superior antibodies advancing to lead candidate selection. In vivo analysis of discovery and humanized lead candidates will often be performed in collaboration with the partner laboratories with proprietary animal models reflecting new insights into biology and the ability of a new drug to impact a human disease. For promising projects, we are advancing engineering and analytics to the stage of lead candidate selection.