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Therapeutic Antibody Laboratory

Courtesy of Bowers Laboratory

Necitumumab is a recombinant human IgG1 EGFR monoclonal antibody which binds (with a high affinity) to the ligand binding site of the EGFR receptor to prevent receptor activation and downstream signaling.


The TAL is interested in forming collaborative relationships, with other faculty members, on tractable and novel targets whose validation suggests a therapeutic approach to treat an unmet medical need with a therapeutic antibody. The ideal collaborator would bring clinical insight along with cell and animal models that can be used to discover and develop a family of developmental candidates for licensing, partnerships, or clinical development. 

As such, we are continuing to cultivate a project portfolio of drug concepts based on: i) New biological insights that link a target to a biological axis that supports a role in pathophysiology and that supports intervention with an antibody molecule, ii) Proof of concept with a small molecule or antibody tool compound that reinforces the drug concept is a relevant model, and iii) Ability to produce first-in-class development opportunity that treats serious diseases with significant unmet need. Our goal is to bring molecules to the clinical candidate stage for subsequent licensing and/or partnering agreements that generate a return to the institution that support long term stability and growth.