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NCATS Shares Community Engagement Activities at CTSA Hubs During COVID-19



UCLA CTSI News Archive


NCATS recently launched a new Community Engagement webpage (CE) showcasing COVID-19 CE activities taking place at CTSA Hubs. The goal is to have a one-stop-shop with up-to-date information about activities underway that are making a difference in communities around the nation during this pandemic.  The new CE webpage includes information about studies of treatments to improve outcomes, (sero) prevalence studies to gain a better understanding of the virus and its distribution, RADx-Up initiatives, CEAL, community engagement tools and other activities where the CTSA program is having significant impact. We recommend visiting the page! 

UCLA CTSI's community engagement and research program leader, Dr. Arleen Brown, is featured among the testimonials on their homepage. In her quote, Brown comments on progress with local efforts: "The CTSAs also built on their prior work with communities in which they had proven themselves worthy of trust. Additionally, the CTSA administrators leveraged their prior work submitting collaborative supplements, often with substantial community partner involvement."

Visit the NCATS' Community Engagement (CE) webpage today.  

For more information on CTSI's CEAL efforts, visit our STOP COVID-19 CA page.