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CTSI Scientists at UCLA Named Among World’s Most Influential Researchers



UCLA CTSI News Archive


UCLA Newsroom announced that thirty-six UCLA scholars have been named as the world’s most influential scientific researchers by Clarivate. Among them are CTSI leaders and CTSI-funded researchers.

Clarivate released its annual list of the most highly cited researchers, which includes dozens of UCLA scientists across various disciplines. The list is compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information at Clarivate using data based on scholarly publication counts and citation indexes. The selected researchers wrote publications that ranked in the top 1% by citations in their field for that year, according to the Web of Science citation index.

The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering had eight faculty members named among the world’s most influential researchers. 

UCLA CTSI's Precision Health Program Leader, Dr. Daniel Geschwind, was also named to the list. Others on the list include researchers who have received CTSI awards. These investigators include Drs. Matthew Budoff, Genhong Cheng, Giovanni Coppola, David Eisenberg, Aldons Lusis, Aydogan Ozcan, Matteo Pellegrini, Antoni Ribas, Jeffery Saver and Jeffery Zink.

All thirty-six UCLA faculty members and researchers who were named to the list, noted with their primary UCLA research field or fields, are shown below.

  • Matthew Budoff, medicine
  • Jun Chen, bioengineering
  • Genhong Cheng, microbiology
  • Bartosz Chmielowski, medicine
  • Giovanni Coppola, neuroscience and human behavior
  • Michelle Craske, psychology
  • Xiangfeng Duan, inorganic chemistry
  • Bruce Dunn, materials science and engineering
  • David Eisenberg, chemistry
  • Gregg Fonarow, medicine
  • Daniel Geschwind, neurology
  • Michael Green, psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences
  • Sander Greenland, epidemiology
  • Ron Hays, medicine
  • Steve Horvath, biostatistics
  • Yu Huang, materials science and engineering
  • Michael Jerrett, environmental health sciences
  • Richard Kaner, inorganic chemistry
  • Nathan Kraft, ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Dennis Lettenmaier, geography
  • Aldons Lusis, medicine
  • Bengt Muthen, education
  • Aydogan Ozcan, electrical engineering
  • Matteo Pellegrini, molecular, cell and developmental biology
  • Steven Reise, psychology
  • Antoni Ribas, medicine
  • Lawren Sack, ecology and evolutionary biology
  • Jeffery Saver, neurology
  • Michael Sawaya, molecular biology
  • Michael Sofroniew, neurobiology
  • Marc Suchard, biostatistics
  • Kang Wang, electrical engineering
  • Edward Wright, astronomy 
  • Yang Yang, materials science and engineering
  • Wotao Yin, mathematics
  • Jeffery Zink, inorganic chemistry

This story has been adapted from the UCLA press release.