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Common Metrics Insights to Inspire (I2I)



UCLA CTSI News Archive

Insights to Inspire (I2I), a series of blogs and webinars highlighting success within NCATS' Common Metrics Initiative, will begin its 2020 season soon!

I2I is meant to foster innovation, encourage collaboration between CTSA Program hubs, and to inspire action! The CLIC team has spent the spring interviewing the “featured” hubs in the most recent Annual Common Metrics Report for the Careers in Clinical & Translational Research metric.
Beginning in June, these featured hubs will be highlighted in a series of blogs on the CLIC website and audiences will be invited to participate in webinars to hear the hubs share the unique and innovative approaches they successfully implemented to turn insights into results.

You can view last year's series of I2I blogs here and you can also share your hubs’ “insights” on the CLIC website.