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NCATS Highlights CTSI-Supported Study on New Melanoma Subtypes



UCLA CTSI News Archive


Thomas Graeber, PhD, of UCLA.

Dr. Thomas Graeber, director of the Metabolomics Center and professor of molecular and medical pharmacology at UCLA, and his research team had their research featured on the NCATS News website for their recent findings that melanomas can be divided into four distinct subtypes according to their stages of differentiation. Cell subtypes that de-differentiated to a less-mature cell showed sensitivity to a type of self-inflicted cell death called ferroptosis.

The research, published in Cancer Cell, is the first to link ferroptosis to melanoma differentiation states. The work further reveals that certain subtypes of melanoma cells could be successfully treated using multiple therapies in combination with ferroptosis-inducing drugs.

Dr. Graeber received a voucher from CTSI to conduct gene-expression profiling.

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