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The Grants Submission Unit is creating a Diversity in Research Program



UCLA CTSI News Archive

(adapted photo courtesy of Devin Whetstone/Handout)

 Jordan Marie Daniel, CTSI GSU Project Manager.

Developed by Jordan Marie Daniel (CTSI GSU Project Manager), GSU aims to address the lack of visible or inaccessible pathways for underrepresented early stage investigators and other potential grant applicants with the Diversity in Research Program.

The goal is to provide support to help increase the diversity of investigators and through outreach, create an inclusive process so that all voices, ideas, collaborations and submissions are representative of the diversity of UCLA. GSU will provide dedicated grant submission support for developing researchers of diverse backgrounds for successful careers in the research workforce.

Through the program, junior faculty and early stage investigators will be able to utilize GSU services for obtaining funding opportunities such as Diversity Supplements as well as helping to connect faculty with necessary grants facilitation resources throughout UCLA.

GSU aims to create a positive culture that reduces barriers to access and ensures that in engaging with our diverse community, we can provide innovative changes to the way we connect with and strengthen one another.

For more information, visit us here or connect with Jordan at JordanDaniel@mednet.ucla.edu.