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Education & Training


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Translational Science & Women's Health

  1. Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Age of the HPV Vacine - Joshua G. Cohen MD
  2. Controlling Fertility: Updates on Male and Female Contraception in the United States - Aparna Sridhar MD MPH FACOG
  3. Environmental Pollution and Birth Outcomes - Beate Ritz MD PhD
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Translational Science of Integrative Medicine

  1. Video 1, Part 1
    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture and Pain Management - Ka-Kit Hui MD
  2. Video 1, Part 2
    Management of Chronic Pain in Cancer: Children and Adults - Lonnie Zeltzer MD
  3. Video 2, Part 1
    Integrative and Mind-Body Medicine for Managemetn of Chronic Somatic and Visceral Pain - Kirsten Tillish MD
  4. Video 2, Part 2
    Mind-Body Interventions for Management of Sleep - Michael R. Irwin MD
  5. Video 3, Part 1
    Translational Science of Lifestyle Medicine - David Merrill MD PhD
  6. Video 3, Part 2
    Complementary and Integrative Medicine for Treatment and Prevention of Mood and Cognitive Disorders - Helen Lavretsky MD MS

Due to a technical glitch the slides were not captured during the Dr. Irwin's presentation. Please find a copy of his slides below.

Michael R. Irwin MD - Mind-Body Interventions for Management of Sleep

Modern Imaging Techniques in Clincal Neuroscience Research

Please note there is no recording for April 21, 2016.

Physics and Techniques, Chronic Visceral Pain - Drs. Ellingson & Mayer

  1. Introduction to Modern Imaging Physics and Techniques Used in Clinical Neurology - Benjamin Ellingson, PhD
  2. Neuroimaging Research in Chronic Visceral Pain - Emeran Mayer, MD

Please note that the audio on this file did not capture well. We provide the slides for download as a courtesy as the video may be difficult to listen to.

Introduction to Clincial Neuroimaging - Alison Burggren, PhD

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Severe Brain Injury, Brain Tumor Clinical Trials- Drs. Monti & Pope

  1. Disorders of Consciousness: Neuroimaging after Severe Brain Injury - Martin Monti, PhD
  2. Advanced Neuroimaging in Brain Tumor Clinical Trials - Whitney Pope, MD, PhD
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CTSI Biomedical Informatics

Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (1.5 hrs) - Douglas Bell MD PhD

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Mobile Health (mHealth) Application Development (1.5 hrs) - Rose Rocchio

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Introduction to Machine Learning (1.5 hrs) - Corey Arnold PhD

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Data Collection & Analysis (1.5 hrs) - David Elashoff PhD and Sitaram Vangala MS

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Data Standards (1.5 hrs) - Robert Jenders MD MS

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Clinical Decision Support (1.5 hrs) - Robert Jenders MD MS

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Imaging Informatics (1.5 hrs) - William Hsu PhD

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Team Science

  1. Part 1
    Strategic Team Planning and Design - Maritza Salazar PhD
  2. Part 2
    Communication Skills - Maritza Salazar PhD
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