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Education & Training

Tips for Facilitating Journal Club Discussion

  • Keep your summary brief, no more than 3 minutes. In the summary include the question addressed in the study, a description of the study design, and the major findings. Conclude with the importance of this study to your own research
  • Begin the discussion with an open question asking for reactions to the article.
    • Remember to wait a few seconds for a response.
    • Call on the Primary Discussant.
  • Ask one of your prepared questions. A single slide with any data or aspect of the design targeted in the question may help focus attention on the issue that you wish to have discussed.
    • Prime the discussion with a provocative statement.
    • Ask participants to talk with the person sitting next to them for 1 minute about their answer just to break the ice.
    • Assign each of the questions to a third of the group and allow for pairs to form to determine possible responses.
  • Should you run out of time before you go through all three questions, that is not a problem. The point is to stimulate critical appraisal and careful consideration of the article.
  • Turn over the final 2 minutes to the Primary Discussant.