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Education & Training


UC Center for Accelerated Innovation

The University of California Center for Accelerated Innovation (UC CAI) advances early-stage drugs, devices and diagnostics toward commercialization to benefit patients with heart, lung and blood diseases. Innovators receive pilot funds, mentorship and project-management support to develop their technologies. UC specifically offers:

  • Technology Grants - Up to $400K each to incubate drugs, devices or diagnostics for heart, lung and blood disease and sleep disorders
  • Education and Training Classes - Educational and training opportunities in entrepreneurship and commercialization
  • Researcher Resources - Clinical research centers, consulting services, research cores and clinical data sets from UC Research Exchange (UC ReX).

For more information, please go to the UC CAI website.

UCLA Business of Science Center

The UCLA Business of Science Center has initiatives focused on entrepreneurship and product development and commercialization. Their available programs include:

  • Venture Team Program - provides hands-on experience for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in evaluating the commercial potential of transitioning emerging technologies from laboratory to market
  • MedTech Innovation Program - addresses challenges in biomedical device and diagnostics development by bringing together focused multi-disciplinary teams
  • Inventathon - a competition to create and pitch the best solution to a given medical need

Information about Business of Science programs and courses can be found at UCLA BSC.

UCLA California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) Entrepreneurship Forum

The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) is a hub of interdisciplinary research, translation, and education where scientists from diverse fields find common purpose in addressing grand challenges of the 21st century. With locations at the University of California’s Los Angeles and Santa Barbara campuses, the CNSI leverages public and private investment to drive collaborative nanoscience research across disciplines, translates discoveries into knowledge-driven commercial enterprises, and educates the next generation of scientists and engineers. Through an integrated framework of core platforms, the CNSI at UCLA provides leading-edge R&D infrastructure and professional services to provide a competitive edge for UC-affiliated researchers and startups in the discovery, development, and application of transformative technologies.

For more information and to view upcoming entrepreneurial events, please go to UCLA CNSI.

UCLA Technology Development Group

UCLA Technology Development Group serves as a campus-wide gateway to innovation, research and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to:

  • Promote UCLA innovation, research, teaching and entrepreneurship to benefit society
  • Create economic value to support UCLA’s scholarly and educational missions and the State of California
  • Lead UCLA’s research community to bring innovation to market
The scope of activities include:
  • Commercially evaluating new technologies
  • Determining patentability and commercial value
  • Prosecuting patents
  • Marketing and licensing inventions
  • Facilitating UCLA faculty startups
  • Engaging industry to facilitate research collaboration
  • Negotiating license agreements and Material Transfer Agreements
  • Receiving and distributing royalties and other income to the inventors, UCLA Campus and its departments

To learn more about the technology transfer process, visit UCLA TDG.

YouTube Resources 

Below are the links to YouTube channels and playlists that address commercialization.