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Education & Training

BIOMATH M260A: Methodology in Clinical Research: Clinical Trials

Course Description: (Same as Medicine M260A.)  Lecture, four hours. Recommended preparation: M.D., Ph.D., or dental degree. Requisites: courses 170A, 265A. Course M260C is requisite to M260A. Presentation of principles and practices of major disciplines underlying clinical research methodology, such as biostatistics, epidemiology, pharmacokinetics. This course builds on a background of biostatistics, basic epidemiology, and introductory clinical trials. Students must have had the basics. This course is quantitative and is not a general introduction to clinical trials. A familiarity with, if not formal course work in, survival analysis is helpful. The readings, discussion, and assignments do not accommodate students without the prerequisites. Letter grade.

This course is open to graduate students in Track 3 (Master of Science in Clinical Research program). Track 2 Certificate trainees, ICPTP/T32 trainees (and then Track 1 and others) may attend with permission of the instructor and as space permits.

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