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Education & Training

Biomathematics 170A

Introductory Biomathematics for Medical Investigators

Fall Quarter

Course Description: Lecture, 3-hours; Discussion, 1-hour. Intensive elementary statistics course emphasizing design and applications to observational studies and experiments/clinical trials.  Statistical topics include study design, descriptive statistics, elementary probability and distributions, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing, sample size and power, linear regression and correlation, analysis of variance, nonparametric statistics.  Applications to biomedical literature and design of clinical trials. Letter grading.

Track 2 and ICPTP/T32 trainees are required to attend the lecture and discussion portions of this course.  In order to receive credit for this course, a minimum attendance of 75%  is required and homework assignments must be submitted to the instructor.

This course is open to graduate students in Track 3 (Master of Science in Clinical Research program) and Track 2 Certificate trainees.  Track 1 and others may attend with permission of the instructor and as space permits.

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