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MyoSeeds Research Grants Program LOI Due
Deadline: October 14, 2018 11:55 PM

This deadline has passed and is no longer active

The MyoSeeds™ Research Grants Program support independent researchers and clinical scientists seeking to answer important questions about heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States. The program supports original research into the biology and underlying mechanisms of cardiomyopathies and is part of our ongoing commitment to bring precision cardiovascular medicine and novel therapies to patients.

  • Applications are encouraged from researchers and clinicians with an interest in the Areas of Study, without restriction to geography or stage of career. 
  • Postdoctoral fellows are eligible to apply as a principal investigator (PI) but must collaborate with an administrative PI who serves as director of the laboratory in which the work will be conducted. 
  • Collaborative projects are welcome; PI should provide letters of support from partners. 
Potential Areas of Study 
  • Disease risk, natural history and progression of idiopathic HCM and genetic/sarcomeric DCM 
  • Therapeutic interventions involving protein and gene (dys) regulation causal of heart failure 
  • Development of disease models in genetic/sarcomeric DCM 
  • Mechanisms of pathogenesis in “genotype-negative” HCM and idiopathic DCM 
  • Role of energetics in HCM and DCM 
Proposals should be hypothesis-driven. Clinical studies are permitted, though the size of the grant likely precludes large-scale trials and would be more appropriate for early work or studies complementary to existing clinical trials that address the potential Areas of Study.

Available Funding: Funding is available for up to four $250,000 awards under the inaugural MyoSeeds Competitive Grants Program, with a total investment of up to one million dollars in 2018-2019. Individual applicants may request up to one year and $250,000 in funding for novel work in the proposed Areas of Study. Individual projects may be eligible for renewal in subsequent years. 

Budget and Allowable Costs: Funds awarded under this program may be used for direct and indirect costs. A written budget justification for the proposed research is required for all full applications. 

Allowable uses for funds awarded include, but are not limited to: 
  • Lab supplies, publication fees, and conference travel 
  • Salary for principal investigator, scientific and technical staff (including trainees, technician and administrators who directly support the proposed work) 
Publication: Publication of findings from work conducted with MyoSeeds funding is encouraged. 

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