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Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)


  • 8 exam rooms with beds
  • 3 procedure rooms
  • 4 infusion chairs
  • Mobile staff: perform research-related care at any UCLA health location (e.g. inpatient and ambulatory areas, select campus buildings and more)
  • phlebotomy area
  • 1 conference room

Outpatient Unit

This facility has 8 private rooms with beds, 3 private procedure suites, 1 infusion room with 4 infusion bays. There is one interview room that is ideal for interviews and questionnaires. 10 rooms are equipped and wired for sleep studies. This unit has the capacity to be available after hours by arrangement. The unit is staffed with RNs that are chemotherapy administration certified, ACLS and PALS certified, and CITI trained.

Center of Heath Services (CHS), "B" level
10833 Le Conte Ave, Room BE-144
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Administrative Questions & Funding: Amanda Gonzales - (310) 267-1029
Patricia Jardack - (310) 267-1037

Phone: (310) 825-5225
Hours: Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Unit Directory

CTRC Center of Health Sciences - Outpatient Unit

Name/Area Room Phone Fax
Reception BE-144 CHS 310-825-5225

Nursing Station BE-174 CHS 310-267-1055

Bionutrition Office B-Level/3rd Floor BE-353A/37-075 CHS 310-825-3989

Bionutrition Kitchen B-Level/3rd Floor BE-353/37-079CHS 310-825-3989