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Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)

UCLA-Westwood Clinical & Translational Research Center

Funding for projects


The mission of the UCLA CTRC is to support investigators in all phases of their clinical research by providing specialized resources, expert workforce, state-of-the-art facilities, and the highest quality clinical care. 

Our goals are: 
  1. To ensure the safety and well-being of those under our care
  2. To conduct the studies in a manner that provides research data of high integrity
  3. To perform monitoring and quality assurance responsibilities that validate our coordination of efforts
  4. To educate and train all those involved in the ethics, rules, regulations, and responsibilities of conducting clinical research
We are guided by the following principles:
  • Enhance effective communication among all stakeholders
  • Promote strategic collaborations with partners and sponsors
  • Maximize research operations that emphasize efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness
  • Conduct continuous quality improvement that is responsive to the rapidly evolving clinical research enterprise
  • Support a culture that fosters professional development, training, and mentoring


Research Nursing Support

Outpatient 23-hour unit (20,200 ft2 B level CHS)
Inpatient unit (6W) (supplemental to routine hospital nursing)

Nutrition Research Support

Metabolic diets of different levels of complexity including controlled feeding studies
Anthropometric measures, bioelectrical impedance analysis, resting energy expenditure by indirect calorimetry, and CPX testing
Collection, analysis, coding and reporting of dietary intake data
Nutrition consultation services by a registered dietician

Outside of the CTRC

Pathology Research Portal (PRP)
CTSI Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design
CTSI Regulatory Knowledge and Support
Hospital Ancillary Services, 310-794-3784


RATES are the prices set for the CTRC services that are provided to investigators. Rates may be structured on a per hour, per diem, per unit, or per service (test or procedure) basis. Rates are set/targeted at the cost of the service. Industry grants pay this rate; NIH & other non-profit grants do not receive a subsidy.


CHARGES are the total amounts billed to a particular Investigator or Sponsor for the services that are provided by the CTRC.

  • Group 1: Patient Care supplied by CTRC Labor
    • Research Nursing (Inpatient and Outpatient)
      This is a function of nursing intensity, duration of each visit and number of visits.
    • Bionutrition
      This is a function of time (planning, diet analysis, counseling) and number of meals produced.
  • Group 2: Inpatient overnight stays
    This has the largest budgetary impact. This now includes basic nursing services such as q shift vital signs etc. Additional research nursing functions such as frequent blood draws and infusions are under group 1, but only for the amount of time necessary.
  • Group 3: Patient Care supplied outside the CTRC
    • Clinical Translational Research Lab (CTRL)
      This lab is run by the Department of Pathology for the SOM and is located adjacent to the CTRC. Currently offers about 150 common lab tests for research. It continues to develop new tests and sources additional tests to the Hospital and outside labs.
    • Other Ancillary Services purchased from the Hospital
      Clinical labs (including all inpatient labs) and Radiology are the two most highly used services.
  • Group 4: Other Costs
    • CTRC Other costs
      On occasion there is extensive/off-site training of personnel needed for a protocol.
    • Non-CTRC other costs
      Previously studies have requested support for pharmacy (dispensing, set-up), parking and etc.

Annual Review

  • Utilization/Activity
  • Changes in plan, protocol, expectations
  • Reports from OSMB/DSMB and IRB renewal
  • Review from Nursing and other service providers
  • Review from Investigator regarding problems/difficulties
  • Recognition of support in publications:
    • use language that includes "UCLA CTRC helped support this study - CTSI Grant # UL1TR001881"
    • Click here for additional information on citing the CTSI grant number.


Clinical Translational Research Center
10833 Le Conte Ave, Suite BE 144
(310) 825-5225

757 Westwood Plaza, 6W, Los Angeles, CA 90095
(310) 267-7220

Helen Williams-Bayne, CTRC Administrative Manager
hwbayne@mednet.ucla.edu, (310) 267-1029

Marjorie Weiman, CTRC Unit Director
mweiman@mednet.ucla.edu, (310) 267-1030