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Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)

LIFE Center

LIFE Center is a community-based wellness resource for patients with stress and obesity-related chronic medical conditions in South Los Angeles. The mission of the Center is to facilitate academic-community research and education collaboration for health promotion and disease prevention. The goal of the Center is to serves as a community hub for clinical and translational research within the context of community engagement.

The Center occupies a 1457 sq. ft. self-contained space on the first floor of the Weingart YMCA and has two blood draw rooms, an onsite sample processing laboratory, a conference area, a demonstration kitchen and four cooking stations for hands-on culinary training exercises.

A consortium of affiliated Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) offer patient education programs on effective coping responses, stress reduction techniques, healthy eating and home cooking classes for blood pressure and blood sugar control at the Center at no cost to the patients.

The Center draws program participants from 35 clinical sites operated by the 12 primary care clinics within its 5-mile radius. Since its opening in January 2015, the Center in collaboration with its affiliated CBOs has hosted seven community events/meetings that attracted a total of about 150 persons to the Center. The 7,000 membership strength (60% Latino and 40% African American) of the Weingart YMCA and location of the LIFE Center within a 5-mile radius of 35 primary care clinic sites make the Center an invaluable community infrastructure for clinical and translational research in South Los Angeles.

Study Title: Centrifugal Medicine: Optimizing Access to Care
Principal Investigator: E. Ipp, MD, MB, LA BioMed/Harbor-UCLA
Agency: California Community Foundation
Diabetes retinal screening and diabetes education and opportunities for life-style change to improve glycemic control

Study Title: Tiny Taste
Principal Investigator: Annette Maxwell, DrPH, UCLA
Agency: UCLA-CDU U54 Cancer Center
Recruitment site for UCLA-CDU funded pilot project

The LIFE Center is situated within the Weingart YMCA.

Weingart YMCA
9900 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90044

David Martins, MD
CTRC Program Leader
Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science

Nadia Aibani, MPH