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Clinical & Translational Research Center (CTRC)

Charles R. Drew University Clinical & Translational Research Center

Contact Us

Title Name Office Phone Fax
Director David Martins, MD, Msc LSRNE-N165 323-568-3353 323-563-5872
Nurse Manager, Administrative Support O. Laurice Pitts, LVN LSRNE-N162 323-568-3354 323-563-5872
Pharmacist Peter Tom, Pharm D LSRNE-N164 323-568-3365 323-563-5872

CDU Collaborative Support

Title Name Office Phone Fax
Office of Research Integrity and Compliance - Junko Nishitani, PhD irb@cdrew.edu Building F 323-563-5902 323-563-4826
Community Engagement Nadia Aibani, MPH LSRNE North 323-568-3395 323-563-5872
Infrastructure Research Laboratories Pranabananda Dutta, PhD LSRNE –2nd Floor Lab South 323-563-5947
Biomedical Informatics Lola Ogunyemi, PhD Office LSRNE-N240 323-249-5732 323-249-5726
Biostatistics and Design Magda Shaheen, MD, PhD Office LSRNE-N153 323-357-3453 310-631-1495
Geographic Information Systems Paul Robinson, PhD LSRNE-N158 323-568-3368
HIV Mobile Testing Unit Cynthia Davis, MPH Office Keck-220 323-563-9309 323-563-4923