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Network Resources


  • Hazel Xavier

    Hazel Xavier


    Program Administrator, Clinical Research Acceleration Unit

  • Marianne Zachariah

    Marianne Zachariah


    Program Administrator, Recruitment Unit 


Program Description

The Network Resources Program consists of two units. The Clinical Research Acceleration Unit (CRAU) interacts with the CTSA Network Trial Innovation Centers (TICs) to ensure rapid study start-up of clinical trials and assist investigators with high priority studies that need rapid response with all aspects of pre-launch study management. The Recruitment Unit has also been established to interact with the Research Innovation Centers (RICs) to ensure rapid subject recruitment to clinical trials.

Program Aims

The Network Resources Program has two aims.

Aim 1. Interact with the CTSA Network Trial Innovation Centers (TICs) to:

  • Create a Clinical Research Acceleration Unit to assist in launching studies rapidly
  • Enhance reliance mechanisms for IRB, contracting, and coverage
  • Build an integrated clinical research infrastructure platform
  • Participate in additional activities led by the TICs

Aim 2. Establish a Recruitment Unit that will interact with the CTSA Network Recruitment Innovation Centers (RICs) to:

  • Support cohort size estimation and site-level recruitment planning based on EHR data
  • Assist with the design of recruitment messages and recruitment message delivery
  • Recruit potential research participants through outreach and/or point-of-care recruitment
  • Participate in additional activities led by the RICs

Trial Innovation Network (TIN)
Primary Contact for TIN
Stephanie Tarroza 
Administrator/Project Manager

Terra Hughes
Liaison Team Member
Director, Office of Regulatory Affairs, CTSI

Clinical Research Acceleration Unit (CRAU)
Hazel Xavier

Recruitment Unit
Marianne Zachariah
Program Administrator